Vividstorm S Pro Electric Tension Screen


Quick Description

Available in 72″, 84″, 92″ 100″, 110″ or 120″

Available in Black or White casings

Ambient light rejecting screen material

Sawtooth structure for optimal light beam refraction

Tab-tensioned for pristine-flat surface

Automatic floor-rising quiet high-torque electric motor raises the screen smoothly

Trigger by 12v, relay, IR, RF



VividStorm S PRO Motorised Floor Rising Tab-Tensioned ALR Screen for UST (Ultra Short-Throw) Projectors

The S PRO series screen from VividStorm is a dedicated projector screen for UST projectors.

Perfect for a home cinema, watch your favourite movies with high-quality electric projector screen. Using Ultrashort throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen material, it is the perfect match for our LaserTV projector.

This S PRO series model features a motorised floor rising mechanism which offers a  discreet screen solution. When not in use, the screen will be rolled back into the screen case and stored safely and you can move the screen from one room to another without efforts which offers a great flexibility which other screen solutions can not match.

The tab-tensioned screen structure make the screen absolutely flat to deliver stunning images from the LaserTV 4K Ultra-HD projector.

The screen material with a special optical sawtooth structure and the light-rejecting filter to efficiently reject the ambient light so you can enjoy stunning pictures even in the day time.


Additional information


72", 84", 92", 100", 110", 120"


White, Black

Projector Screen Type

Standard UST Screen, Acoustically Transparent UST Screen, Acoustically Transparent UST Screen for Ceiling Mounted UST Projectors, UST Screen for Ceiling Mounted UST Projectors

Tech Spec

Type                                        Motorised Floor Rising Tab-Tensioned ALR Screen

Format                                    16:09

Gain                                         0.6

Screen Material                      Black Grid

Compatibility                          Ultra-Short Throw Projectors, Front Projection Only

Available Screen Sizes:           100″  |  120″

Viewing Angle                        170 Degree

Surface Characteristics           Ambient Light Rejecting Surface

Support                                   8K/4K UHD, 3D Active, HDR

Ambient Light Rejecting         >97%

Package Includes

1 x VividStorm S PRO Electric Tension Floor Rising Screen

1 x IR Remote Control

1 x RF Remote Control

1 x Power Cord

1 x Adjust Rod (hexagon)

1 x USB charging cable (for remote)