VAVA Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projector Screen Pro


Quick Description

  • 4K & 8K Ultra HD, HDR ready and 3D Active

  • 100 inch

  • Ambient Light Reflecting <92%

  • 0.6 Gain

  • Wide viewing angle of 160°

  • Aluminium Frame for easy installation


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The Best Choice for a Permanent Screen for your UST Laser Projector!

The VAVA ALR 100inch screen is designed for 4K & 8K Ultra HD, HDR Ready and 3D Active so will give you your optimal viewing experience with your chosen UST Laser projector!

The screen has 0.6 gain meaning amazing colours and dark blacks even in ambient light. The screen rejects ambit at light from above meaning you will get no foggy picture with a ceiling light on.

With a large viewing cone of 160 degrees, the ALR material is capable of being viewed from off-axis positions. With eye protection technology it means even if you have watched the screen for a long time, your eyes will not feel tired.

The screen’s light weight aluminium frame guarantees a flat surface for your image to be projected on. This ensures a quality viewing experience and stunning image quality and makes for a hassle free installation.

It is the perfect match for your UST Laser Projector!