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Bring the cinema home, welcome to Laser TV. Take a moment and think about how you view your favourite movies, shows or how you game. Now imagine one small tidy unit and either a wall mounted screen or one that rises from the floor or a cabinet effortlessly, to provide a breathtaking 4K Ultra-HD experience.

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Bring the
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Projection Screens

exclusive to lasertv

UK's First
150" Fixed
ALR Screen

On sale now! Exclusive to LaserTV, the UK’s first 150″ Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen. The very best picture and fully 8k UHD capable, our brand new screen will take you to a new world!

Bring the cinema home

What size screen do I need?
Here’s a graphical representation of our fixed ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen sizes.

Read our latest blog post about how to find the best screen size for you.

  • 60" TV
  1. 60Inch-TV
  2. LaserTV-92Inch
  3. LaserTV-100Inch
  4. LaserTV-120Inch
  5. LaserTV-135Inch
  6. LaserTV-150Inch